The SFNO-IENO president Pilar Ayuda Durán received one of the “CONÓCELAS” awards for the promotion of scientific vocations. This is what she told us:

A few months ago, framed in the activities of the 11th of February – international day for girls and women in science, I took part in the CONÓCELAS! event organized by ASEICA. The idea was to bring to light women dedicated to cancer research and to promote scientific vocations in the new generations of students. We also wanted to show that researchers, both men and women, are real people who love their job and science, but also have their own life, hobbies, and dreams. We give a real picture of what scientists and researchers are, far away from the image that you can find in movies and tv shows.

Several important points that I tried to stress were that coming from a small town, as is my case, is not a handicap for becoming a researcher and that you can participate in the same research project coming from very different disciplines: medicine, biology, mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry… But more importantly, I encourage the students to find what they are passionate about, which is not always science, and to pursue it.

As we say in Conócelas, If I can, you can!

The awards ceremony, held on the 25th of May 2022 on the auditorium of the CSIC in Madrid, is available in youtube.